2010 Fantasy Baseball Rankings – Outfielders

This is the sixth report in the series of our 2010 fantasy baseball rankings looking at the top 20 outfielders. I will tell you that Ichiro Suzuki is not in top20 in my list, so no, I did not miss him. I see a lot of people are drafting him as high as he has a current fantasy baseball ADP (average draft position) of 42 and is the 10th outfielder being selected. To me, he is one of those people that are drafted based on his name and not necessarily his value. I offer you my projections for two players and you decide how much difference there really is.

– Player A 95 runs 8 home runs 65 RBI 24 steals.295 avg.
– Player B 90 runs 7 home runs 46 RBI 29 steals.318 avg.

Player A is Bernard Span who has an ADP of 123 and is currently going 81 picks after Ichiro, who is Player B. With that said, let's take a look at the rankings to see how each player stacks up.

1) Ryan Braun
2) Matt Kemp
3) Matt Holliday
4) Jacoby Ellsbury
5) Carl Crawford
6) Jason Bay
7) Justin Upton
8) Grady Sizemore
9) Jayson Werth
10) Nick Markakis
11) Adam Lind
12) Nelson Cruz
13) Curtis Granderson
14) Andre Ethier
15) Manny Ramirez
16) Adam Dunn
17) BJ Upton
18) Carlos Lee
19) Shin-Soo Choo
20) Bobby Abreu

I have a few people ranked lower than their current ADP in Josh Hamilton (possible possible downside there) and Ichiro Suzuki as mentioned above. One player in this group to keep an eye on is Carlos Beltran at number 40 for the New York Mets.

Beltran is out at least the first month of the season after undergoing microfracture surgery on his knee and there is a possibility he ends up being out for a longer stretch. Currently I have him forecasted for 475 at bats. We should have a better prognosis as we get closer to the start of the season how his health is. If you are drafting before spring training, I think this is the upside of his value.

21) Alfonso Soriano
22) Shane Victorino
23) Josh Hamilton
24) Torii Hunter
25) Hunter Pence
26) Ichiro Suzuki
27) Andrew McCutchen
28) Nate McLouth
29) Denard Span
30) Jay Bruce
31) Alex Rios
32) Raul Ibanez
33) Carlos Quentin
34) Johnny Damon
35) Jason Kubel
36) Adam Jones
37) Carlos Gonzalez
38) Nolan Reimold
39) Brad Hawpe
40) Carlos Beltran

Just to give you some insight into my rankings, I rank all players against the other players in their position. You can also rank the players as a whole group and then split them out by position, which is how I do it to draft the first six to eight rounds. After that time, it becomes a matter of filling out your roster by position and that's where the rankings I have listed here come into play.

41) Garrett Jones
42) Michael Cuddyer
43) Ryan Ludwick
44) Juan Pierre
45) Chris Coghlan
46) Vernon Wells
47) Jermaine Dye
48) Corey Hart
49) Colby Rasmus
50) Nick Swisher
51) Cody Ross
52) Michael Bourn – In a mixed league draft, it becomes hard to own a player like Bourn for three reasons.

a. You should always shoot for five category players as much as possible. This is even more critical in the first three rounds of your fantasy baseball draft. Concentrate on getting 40-50% of your castle base goal in the first 3-4 rounds depending how many teams are in your league.

b. Carrying a player like Bourn puts you at a distinct disadvantage in home runs and RBI, putting you two categories behind other owners that are drafting a more balanced team. It also means you are stuck relying on him for that one category and if he turns an ankle or injures a hamstring, you lose the value of his steels. A hitter than owners power and speed skills, even if he stops running, at least you have the value of his power.

c. Drafting Bourn weakens you at another position. If you take a player like Bourn in the 5th or 6th round which is what his present fantasy baseball ADP is, that means you are stuck drafting a weak hitter at another position where there is less depth. In a 23 round draft, the last few hitters you will most likely take a corner player, an outfielder or two, utility hitter and possibly a catcher. Let's say you planned on taking an outfielder in round 20 and say a third basemen in round 6, you might have ended up with Aramis Ramirez and Brett Gardner who could get you 40 steals. By taking Bourn that high, you end up with Bourn at OF and Edwin Encarnacion at 3B.

53) Nyjer Morgan
54) Rajai Davis
55) Julio Borbon
56) Juan Rivera
57) Josh Willingham
58) Franklin Gutierrez
59) Mike Cameron
60) Travis Snider

Source by Todd Lammi

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