2010 Fantasy Baseball Rookies

Outside of it being a fantasy baseball dynamic league, when it comes to drafting a rookie, I am always looking for the player that has the best chance of helping my team in the current season.

If you are participating in a one year league or a league with keepers are allowed, it really does not do good to roster a player like Josh Vitters down in Single-A when you could use that roster spot for a guy that is going to provide immediate dividends for you in 2010.

For evaluating rookies, I am focusing on two things. The first being the players skill set and the other is the chance for an opportunity. Keep in mind that even if an opportunity is not currently present, skill wins out at the end of the day and will force an opportunity at some point in the year.

Below is the list of fantasy baseball rookies that have the best prospects of making an impact in 2010. Note that I am defining a rookie as any player that did not see time in the major leagues last season.

1) Jason Heyward (OF) – Atlanta Braves
2) Stephen Strasburg (SP) – Washington Nationals
3) Austin Jackson (OF) – Detroit Tigers
4) Desmond Jennings (OF) – Tampa Bay Rays
5) Drew Storen (RP) – Washington Nationals
6) Aroldis Chapman (SP) – Cincinnati Reds
7) Pedro Alvarez (1B / 3B) – Pittsburgh Pirates
8) Michael Taylor (OF) – Oakland Athletics
9) Carlos Santana (C) – Cleveland Indians
10) Jeremy Hlickson (SP) – Tampa Bay Rays
11) Chris Carter (1B) – Oakland Athletics
12) Justin Smoak (1B) – Texas Rangers
13) Brett Wallace (1B) – Toronto Blue Jays
14) Logan Morrison (1B) – Florida Marlins
15) Jake Arrieta (SP) – Baltimore Orioles
16) Hector Rondon (SP) – Cleveland Indians
17) Ike Davis (1B) – New York Mets
18) Jason Castro (C) – Houston Astros

Source by Todd Lammi

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