A Lonely Death by Charles Todd

Chief Inspector Cummins is retiring but before he makes an exit, he confides in Scotland Yard detective Ian Rutledge that there is one unclosed case that will remain in his mind forever.

Things soon get very busy for Detective Rutledge. Three men are discovered murdered in Sussex. They all had something in common. Each one was a World War I veteran. They were all discovered with a wooden identity disc in their mouth. In addition, each one has been garrotted. Detective Rutledge was injured in the war and he depended on his job at Scotland Yard to keep from thinking about the many horrors he witnessed.

Detective Rutledge is called in to help resolve these murders. There are some clues but they really do not seem to make any sense. The first thing Detective Rutledge has to do is to investigate the background of each man killed to see if he could find something the three had in common other then the fact that they were all World War I veterans.

Is Detective Rutledge able to resolve this case?

The mother and son writing team of Charles Todd does a wonderful job of weaving historical detail into this story. If you have not read any of the other books written by Charles Todd, A Lonely Death is a good place to start. Ian Rutledge is a flawed character that is haunted by the voice of his friend and former sergeant, Hamish. The haunting voice turns out to be a help to him rather than a hindrance. A Lonely Death is a complex historical mystery that will keep your interest throughout the book. The writing is sharp, the plot is suspenseful and A Lonely Death will haunt you long after you are finished reading the book.

Source by Nancy Eaton

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