Best Design Features of a Good EBook Cover

So, you are making your own eBook cover? Congratulations. A good-looking eBook cover can increase sales and add a professional look to your sales page. However, to really set your eBook apart from others, make sure that the cover has the following design features:

– 3D effects
– High-contrast text
– Un-cluttered graphics
– Thickness that matches your product
– Proper lighting

3D Effects – Flat, two-dimensional covers are acceptable for certain circumstances, such as selling a book on Amazon. However, if someone is purchasing an intangible product like an eBook, seeing an image that makes the product appear tangible helps inspire confidence that the product is legitimate. Having a cover that is rotated slowly, with a shade shadow, can dramatically improve the appearance of the product.

High-Contrast Text – When you design your eBook cover, you are usually zoomed in close to make sure everything lines up properly, etc. Keep in mind that some people will be viewing your cover as a thumbnail, and if you have small text on your cover, it will just be an unreadable blur. Either use a dark background with bright font, or a bright background with a dark font. And make the font BIG. The title of your eBook should easily take up half to two-thirds of your cover.

Un-cluttered Graphics – For the same reason as you want to use high-contrast text, you want to avoid "busy" graphics. When viewing a thumbnail of your image, will people be able to tell what the graphics are? ANY graphic on your cover must ADD to the value of your cover, not just be there to take up space.

Thickness – You can create buyer's remorse (or resentment) if you have an image of a book that looks as thick as a dictionary, but your eBook is only a 10-page report. You will see refund requests, or scathing reviews of your product on forums. Do not decieve people … give them an honest image of the product they are getting.

Proper Lighting – After designing a great cover, make sure you add the subtleties, like lighting effects. Adding a reflection and some glare takes your eBook cover from good to great. Search images of eBook covers on the web, and compare the ones you think are good to the ugly ones. Notice the differences in the detail, including the usage of lighting to give a cover a photo-realistic feel.

Source by George Halt

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