Best Halloween Costume Ideas – Robin Fancy Dress

Robin was created by DC Comics as the junior counter, or in more layman's terms- the sidekick, of Gotham City's Cape Crusader, Batman to reach out to their youngger readers. The move turned out well and when the two characters are together, they are called the 'Dynamic Duo'.

Unlike Batman who alter-ego is the billionaire Bruce Wayne, Robin has been 'played' by different fictional characters like Dick Grayson who was followed by Jason Todd (the first two Robins, the latter was murdered by The Joker). At one point, a girl became Batman (and no- she was not Batgirl). Although there were character transitions for years, Robin's most important role- helping batman fight crimes- has not significantly changed.

Although in the 1997 Schumacher movie "Batman and Robin" (George Clooney and Chris O 'Donnell, respectively), Robin's suit was as sleek and as the bat mobile, the' Boy Wonder's' original attire is definitely more colorful and vibrant than Batman's cool outfit. Usually, the complete set comes with a green jumpsuit or a green long sleeved leotards and tights. There is also a red sleeveless top with an "R" on the left side of the chest and a yellow belt.

The black cape and boot covers are often included also. Since children would also love to have Robin's Fancy Dress as well, the version made for them has the same articles except it has muscle-padding. Some sets replace the black boot tops and cape with yellow ones. Of course, this Halloween Costume will not be complete without the unadorned, black domino mask that covers only the eyes of the wearer.

Since there was once a female Robin, girls would definitely love the female version of Robin Fancy Dress. It follows the basic color scheme but altered some articles. The ladies would have a green mini-skirt instead with a slit on the left side and gloves instead of a full jumpsuit. All these are made of polyester. Have fun being the coolest sidekick ever!

Source by Marikor Martin

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