Creating a Christian eBook Cover

You probably have heard the saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover.” But in reality people do in fact judge a book by its cover. It is the first thing they see that makes the book content tangible to them, and many individuals within a split moment of setting their eyes on a book cover decide whether they think a book is worth their money and time. So, what is my point exactly? Creating an excellent Christian ebook cover is just as important as its rich, valuable content. It is the cover of your ebook that may make someone decide to read the excerpt about your ebook content, and possibly purchase and download it to read. Therefore, creating a Christian ebook cover is not a task that you can afford to take lightly or for granted. This is a critical component of the creation of your Christian ebook, as well as its promotion and marketing success.

An ebook is a digital product that is also digitally delivered. So, 100% of your customers or readers encounter your Christian ebook online. These customers at the same time see many other ebooks. So, how do you get them to focus on your own ebook with its Christian content? Even if your Christian ebook is free, you still need to generate enough interest and curiosity in your potential readers to get them to download it, and hopefully, read it.

You need to master the art of designing your own ebook cover; one, because it is essential, and two, because it would cost you a bit to hire a graphics designer to design covers for all the ebooks that you plan to write. So, you do need to learn to “fish” for and by yourself. Also, as an author of a Christian ebook you need to capture the vision of your inspiration on the cover.

Deciding on what ebook cover creator software that you are to invest your money to purchase, and time to learn how to use, should depend on a number of factors:

1. Your budget. How much money do you currently have? Sometimes, your budget may in fact be a full circle zero. Yes, I mean that literally. So, what do you do? You cannot purchase an ebook cover creator software for zero dollars? Here’s what I suggest in this kind of situation: search the Internet for free PDF software such as Primo PDF program, which is a Free PDF Converter Tool. This is not a trial PDF version; it is actually free. So, download and install this free PDF application. Write your Christian ebook in a word processing program. Hopefully, you have access to a word program, such as Microsoft word. You can convert your word file to a PDF file using the free PDF converter tool that you downloaded and installed on your personal computer. You can also create a cover design in word, yes I know this sounds unreal, but you can actually do this, and then convert it to a PDF file. This is for a zero budget, for writing and creating your first Christian ebook. This is very possible and doable.

2. You have limited budget for creating an ebook and its cover, and you do not wish to be bothered with the “technical” aspects of ebook creation. Write and edit your ebook and then submit your ebook to a Christian website that charges zero dollars to less than $40.00 or higher. They will publish and sell your ebook at no additional cost to you. You will receive royalty payment for every time someone buys your ebook.

3. You have a reasonable budget and plan to write multiple Christian ebooks. You can invest in purchasing an ebook cover creator software application. Prices can range from $19.99 to less than $200. You may even get cheaper prices on eBay. My suggestion is that you start with minimal cost or investment that will offer you a high yield on your investment. In other words, purchase an ebook cover creator software that does not cost much, creates brilliant covers and is easy to use. Get independent opinions from other individuals who have used different kinds of ebook cover creator software, that is, before you commit to purchasing one. Read ebook Blogs and sample individual opinions about ebook cover creator software. Be vigilant in your sampling of opinions because sometimes the owners of the software post favorable opinions to get people to purchase their product.

Many of the ebook cover creator software owners also offer re-sell rights. So, you buy the software and you can also sell it to others. This way, you can make some profit, or at the very least, recover the money you invested in purchasing the software.

As a Christian ebook writer, creator and publisher, who may give away an ebook for free, or decide to start selling such ebooks, you do not have the option to produce low quality ebooks. Aside from the fact that you have numerous competitors, both from the secular and Christian ebook markets, you also need to represent excellent works for the Body of Christ, God’s Kingdom here on earth. If you plan to teach, preach or evangelize with your Christian ebooks, then you must present quality covers and content that can and will gain and sustain the focus of your readers. I stress that you really need to select a good ebook cover creator software that makes brilliant covers, and at the same time, is easy to use. The same applies to the ebook creator software that you choose to purchase and use in creating your Christian ebook.

Don’t loose out on potential readers by presenting a low quality, or mediocre Christian ebook cover. Let the light of the glory of God who inspires you to write also reflect on your first and subsequent ebook covers. God is excellent in all His ways and has also given us a spirit of excellence. So, let your Christian ebook cover stand out above others, especially your secular competitors.

Remember that an ebook cover makes the content more tangible and more real to your potential readers. This is an instant subconscious process that could work in your favor, if you have a brilliant, professional and inspirational Christian ebook cover. Also, excellent images tend to stick to a person’s subconscious memory. So, you want to design a Christian ebook cover that is hard to ignore or forget.

Source by Jacyee Aniagolu-Johnson

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