eBook Cover Design And The Importance Of Quality

I think the guy who came up with the saying “never judge a book by its cover” clearly never experienced marketing an eBook on the Internet!. Subconsciously you are automatically attracted to an eBook if it happens to have a beautifully created image, and that’s before you know anything about the content.. which might just be quite poor. On the same basis, a poorly designed image for your eBook marketing campaigns may result in low sales even though the content might be amazing. So typically, your customers will determine if the eBook you’re selling is worth their time and effort by simply glancing at its cover for just a few seconds, sometimes without looking for further information. As a marketer, you really should appreciate the importance of the images used in your campaigns and ensure that the graphics you are using are having the desired effects.

A good eBook cover designer is very aware of the ‘fickle’ decisions made by the online book browsers even if the browser himself is making choices subconsciously. The designer knows that if the eBook cover design looks cheap or created without much thought, or attention to detail, this will immediately impact upon the content of the book regardless of the quality of its content. This eBook cover image should be as attractive as the sleeve of a real hardback book, or the front cover of a paperback book. Presentation is the most important feature of your eBook marketing campaigns. Your images should be clean and crisp with a quality 3-D effect, easy on the eye and colorful. In other words, eye-catching and therefore more likely to be checked out beyond the image.

What we are trying to achieve with a quality eBook cover design is the impression of a real book rather than a digital file you can neither see nor get hold of. By incorporating 3-D effects into the design it gives the potential customer the impression that the book is almost able to be picked up. and it is a well-known marketing fact that visual representation will very often incite action. When all other factors are equal and it really comes down to aesthetics, you will soon realize the importance of the graphics in your marketing endeavors. Designing quality eBook covers is a simple and powerful way to visually represent your product. The cover has the ability to either draw in or drive away sales. Employing the services of an eBook cover designer can make a huge difference in the success of your online business.

Source by Trevor Taylor

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