Ebook Cover Graphics – Discover 4 Insider Tips That Makes Your ECover Graphics Sell

How do you determine the quality of any eBook cover graphics? What makes you so sure that your eBook cover graphics will result in high conversions for the product or service you are promoting?

You can make sure your eBook cover graphics is of good quality by asking yourself and answering some questions like;

1. Can you read each letter of text on the cover? You don’t want a font that is difficult to discern. Make the book title larger and bolder than any other text on the book cover so that you can read each letter of text on the cover.

Interestingly, the simple fonts that we use every day when we communicate by email, are some of the best for eBook cover graphics. There’s a reason fonts like Arial and Times are so popular. People find them easy to read. Don’t make your potential buyers work hard to figure out which letter is which on your cover. In general, stay away from curly cues, unusual handwriting fonts, and heavily detailed lettering.

2. Does your cover have a large amount of red, blue, or yellow? These have been determined by psychologists to be appealing colors for consumers. In fact any two of these colors in combination with black and white would probably work. Steer away from brown, green, gray, and muted or faded colors unless there is some really good reason to use those colors.

For example if your book is called “How to build a log cabin,” your project may be well-served by browns and greens. But maybe not! Try red, blue, yellow, black and white first to see! By the same token, money ebooks do not have to be green, and ebooks for brides do not have to be white.

3. Does your cover look like a three-dimensional object? You are trying to convey an actual book, so you definitely want the graphics in 3-D. Make sure your eBook cover graphics has a spine and the appearance of some internal pages. Don’t settle for a rectangular representation of only the front cover of a book. A flat rectangle could work for the first page inside your book, but not for a picture on a web site that is supposed to attract a buyer.

Even though your readers will obviously have enough computer wherewithal to have found your eBook in the first place, in their hearts, they will still be attracted to online graphic works that reminds them of actual paper books. It’s just a fact of life, so accept it, and make sure your eBook cover graphics looks like a book.

4. Does the cover use four colors or less? Although rainbows are pretty, they don’t stand out as much as solid colors. You can actually get by with three colors. In most cases, you’ll need at least one more color besides just black and white.

Just like web pages can look unprofessional with too many animated graphics and background textures, likewise, your cover does not require all these frills. Occasionally lots of colors or textures are called for, but usually not.

Make your eBook cover graphic stand out from the rest of the pack by applying these tips

to triple your sales conversion rate.

Source by Ola Oladele

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