Ebook Covers, the Secret to Marketing Digital Products – The Packaging Sells

Advertisers have kept a well-known secret for eons. Product packaging sells.

Most of us can immediately refer to the "magic power" of product packaging. From the time we were kids, we were "charmed" by products which packaging was bright and colorful, or featured our favorite comic book, cartoon characters or commercial mascots (like "Tony the Tiger" – Frosted Flakes and "Toucan Sam" – Fruit Loops) on the box. I'm willing to bet that more than a few of you could right now describe in detail the box for the "Monopoly" game, "Candyland", or "Operation". Even some forty or fifty years later, the advertisers still have a hold on you.

When marketing digital products like reports and ebooks, "packaging" is no less important. In fact, it's much more important. Why? Because you can not touch or feel digital products; they have no physical presence. So how do you convey to a potential customer that your product holds value? You can give them a whole laundry-list of benefits and features, but it will not accomplish near as much as one well-designed product package. A great eBook cover.

What an eBook cover does for a potential customer is to psychologically give him / her a "physical" product, a thing of value. And while online customers are very attracted by the instant gratification of buying a product and being able to immediately download it to their computer (rather than having to wait days or even weeks for a product to be delivered to them), they still want to feel that they have purchased some "thing". So, rather than the customer simply paying money and downloading a series of ideas and information, "thin air" if you will, an eBook or report cover gives them a visual object that when done well, creates something visually appealing, conveys a sense of credibility, adds quality, gives an illusion of a physical item, and so makes the customer more comfortable about the purchase.

So how do you get a great eBook cover design? Well, you could hire a professional graphics artist to do the work for you. Many online marketers choose to go this route. However, there are issues to consider, and one of the main drawbacks in doing so is cost. If you're only ever going to publish one or two reports, cost may not be much of an issue, even when the service may be a bit expensive. But, if you're an internet marketer, consultant or own another business where you may be creating a multitude of digital products, then hiring a graphics artist will get very very pricey very quickly.

The solution, find a graphics software program that will allow you to create professional-looking graphics (including report and eBook covers) quickly, is reasonably priced and easy for you to use. Features of a desirable program would include:

  • No prior graphic design knowledge or experience necessary
  • Quickly and easy design creation
  • A number of design features: colors / themes, fonts and effects to create fully customized designs
  • Cover product creation that either viewed in digital form or printed out, appear in high definition
  • Realistic 3D design

Paying special attention to the packaging of your digital products will not only help to encourage prospects to buy, but when a customer is satisfied with your product, helps to encourage them to become repeat customers. Help your prospects to gain a sense of your credibility and assign value to the digital products you offer them. After you've worked long and hard to create an awesome product for the market, give your product the quality in packaging that it most certainly describes.

Source by Kimberly Clay

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