Enjoy a Free Book Cover Template Download!

Are you looking for a free book cover template download but do not know where to start? Or have you got something more specific in mind, for example, looking to design a great cover but do not know how?

Here are a few tips to help you make a great looking book complete with attractive cover – just by using a free book template.

It may sound harder than it is. But all you have to know is how to click and 'cut & paste'. Once you're in the driver's seat you'll be surprised at how simple it is. So sit back, read the tactics and let's drive.

Firstly, a book template does not have to be used 'as is'. You can modify the look of your book without compromising on quality. Do not like the page numbering in the header? Cut and Paste it to the footer. Need a sidebar? Add it. Want to use a frame around the picture on the cover? Modify it. The point is, even though you start off with a book template, you can still make your book 100% unique.

For the body copy? Once your chapters are written, simply drop them into the book template. You do not have to spend hours deciding where to place text, how to set up a Table of Contents, how to create a cover, or add page numbers etc. A good book template takes care of all that.

Finally, have fun with the Color and Font options. Switching to a different color scheme, and / or changing fonts and sizes in the design, will create a different feel to the overall look of your book. This is a very easy way to maintain quality whilst picking colors and fonts that work best for your specific publication.

Designing a book although requires weeks of professional training nor paying for expensive software. Try out the tactics above and take advantage of a free book cover template download, and you will quickly realize that you can create a professional looking book in no time at all – and best of all, it will not cost you a dime! And now I would like to invite you to download your free book cover template.

Source by Hilary Keaton

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