Full Flash 10.1 Support On The BlackBerry Playbook And The Samsung Galaxy Tab

One of the most popular tablet PC to hit the market is the Apple iPad. However, did you know that there are two tablets that is giving the iPad a run for its money? These tablets are the BlackBerry Playbook and the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

To date, there are around 1.6 million websites that are flash-based. When it comes to flash integration, the iPad falls short on this feature. This means that you will have problems gaining quick access to a large number of websites found across the World Wide Web. In addition, graphics, text rendering, and streamed videos will not run smoothly. This makes the iPad's web fidelity questionable.

The Playbook by BlackBerry and the Galaxy Tab by Samsung come with features that are best suited for the internet. One of these features is a wide-screen display that is ideal for touch screen user interface. They both come with 7 inch wide WSVGA touch screens with resolutions of 1024 x 600. This will allow you to view high-resolution images and watch high-definition videos.

The design of the BlackBerry Playbook and the Samsung Galaxy Tab is all about accessing the internet on the go. They come in dimensions that offer optimal portability. The Playbook is 130 mm high, 194 mm wide, and 10 mm thick. The Tab is 190.09 mm high, 120.45 mm wide, and 11.98 mm thick. These tablets are in no way cumbersome to carry around.

Power and performance was well put into the tablets' design. The Tab comes with a 1 GHz processor. It runs on the latest Android 2.2 Froyo OS, which is 5 times faster than its Android predecessor. The Playbook comes with a 1 GHz dual-core processor, which is the fastest processor on a tablet. It runs on the latest BlackBerry OS the BlackBerry 6 OS.

Both the BlackBerry Playbook and the Samsung Galaxy Tab come fully equipped with Adobe Flash 10.1 support. This means that every website accessed with the tablets' browsers are sure to load in an instant. Elements such as graphics, text, images, and streamed videos will never be a problem. When it comes to web fidelity and performance, these tablets will never fall short on the standard.

Popularity will never satisfy your need for performance and internet fidelity.

Source by Susan Hargreaves

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