How to Easily Create Ebook Cover Images

Ebook covers are an important tool for selling your eBook because they support your sales message and make your book look real. We are referring here to 3-dimensional representations of a book or software box, not mere flat, 2D images.

Even though your book is an electronic book and not a physical book, a 3D book or box image inspires confidence in your potential buyers, and this Promotes more sales. But to inspire trust, you need to use quality cover images, not something that looks thrown together.

To get a cover for your ebook, you have several options to choose from:

o You can hire a professional designer to produce your eBook covers. This gives you two important benefits: You will be assured of getting a quality eBook cover to display on your site, and it will free you up to concentrate on writing and promoting your ebook.

o Free software programs will produce a 3D likeness of a book or software box. The results from these freebie programs are generally only marginally acceptable. The good thing is that since they are free, you can try them and at least see how they work.

o Fee-based versions of this same software that produce generally better results, ranging from so-so to very good. The prices for these programs also vary. Some may even offer a demo version you can try out before buying.

o If you have Adobe Photoshop and are at least fairly familiar with using this professional graphics software, you can buy a set of actions (scripts) that will produce 3D renderings of your book or box cover.

If you need many covers, specialized eBook cover software will save you a lot of time and money. Ecover software will turn your flat image into a 3D image in just seconds. Different eBook cover software include variations in size, orientation and type of cover image (book, box, and CD) and allows you to quickly create your own customized, high-quality eBook images. Even when using software, you still need to design a nice looking, compelling, flat cover image and choose readable fonts.

Bottom line: If you want your ebook to sell, use a quality eBook image to represent your product. A good-looking image can boost sales but a poor quality image can hurt sales.

Source by Leva Duell

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