How To Make An EBook Cover That Flies Off The Virtual Shelf

You've written an eBook because you have something important to say, something that people need to hear.

Your book could be THE BOOK that will change lives. Your book could be THE ONE that people can not wait to get their hands on. Your product can be all of these things, but without the right presentation, you will still not get any sales.

Whether we want to admit it or not, we like pretty things. If your eCover is not eye-catching and appealing, people will look away. No clicks for you!

It is like a tightrope nightmare that you need to walk. On one hand you need to be sure that your cover is not too understated and drab. Still though, you do not want a cover that is too loud or in your face. You need a cover that is striking and alluring. Something that makes a reader feel like they just can not wait to get their hands on what is inside your product.

Studies have shown that in just eight seconds or less, a customer will know whether or not they are interested in a book, just by looking at the cover. So how do you create an eCover that will fly off of the virtual shelves?

For starters, you do not need to spend hundreds of dollars getting a graphic designer to handle the artwork for you. In fact, you can easily handle it all yourself.

Simple free clipart is all you need to draw the reader's eye. Mix those with some simple colors that sell and you will have yourself a stellar cover.

You want the eCover to show the personality and style of your eBook.

So, start by asking yourself – what is your book about? Do you want your reader to feel happy? Do you want them to be excited? Do you want them feel a sense of urgency? Choose your free graphics based on how you want your reader to feel when they think about your book, and make sure that your eCover incorporates the selling color for that mood.

But it does not stop there. Your eBook also needs to have your title, subtitle, and name (or pen name). You can not change your name, but your title should be something simple and catchy that says what your book is about. You want a title that will stick out in your readers' minds, something that they will think about even after they leave your website. Like, "How A Penguin Changed My Life." (I would click that. Would not you?)

If you have something important to say, creating an eBook is the best way to do it. But taking the time to design a great eCover is just as important as what is in the book itself. Pay close attention to the title, graphics, and colors that you use and your eBook will have customers for a long time to come. Fail to do this and your book will never reach its true selling potential – no matter how good the content is.

Source by Christine Vogensen

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