Latest Review of the Samsung Jet

The Samsung Jet has been launched with quite a marketing campaign. This might be because it is Samsung's best phone yet. Or it could be because its target market is fast paced, busy people who only have time to notice things that are literally splashed all over the media. With the tagline "impatience is a virtue" being an apt one in today's society I had a look at where the Jet fits in.

The phone is good looking, with a 3.1 inch touchscreen to rival the iPhone. The display is one of the most vibrant and clear I've seen. It is an AMOLED display allowing the best visibility in the worst lighting conditions. The touchscreen itself is responsive and fast -lining up to its name already and very easy to use.

What's also fast is the 3G HSDPA internet connection which allows for fast downloading and browsing. Online widgets for Facebook and YouYube are available and again … they are fast. You will have no problem at all updating your twitter in-between meetings, parties or whatever else you fill your busy life with. The huge screen makes searching the web a good experience as well as the enabled Flash and multi window viewing.

The Jet can hold about 2,000 songs with a massive 2GB of built in memory. This can be expanded with a microSD card to 16GB. The music player plays most music formats and you can use any regular headphones with this phone. The camera is also good. It is 5 megapixels and has all the extras. You can also record and play back videos in DivX and Xvid with no conversion needed.

The Jet supports WiFi, has Bluetooth and a USB port – all features that are a must these days for connection to wireless speakers or downloading music easily. This phone really has made everything much more convenient so it can all be done much quicker.

It does not quite fit into the SmartPhone category and is far superior for the next category down but the price tag is a pleasant surprise. Free from £ 20 a month with Vodafone and £ 30 a month on Orange this phone is definitely great value for money.

The Jet is designed for those who pack as much as possible into one day and Samsung have certainly packed as much as they can into this phone. Appealing to that massive group of people who want the latest thing but can not afford the iPhone and N97 price tag this phone is likely to fly off the shelves as fast as … well this phone.

Source by Faith H Bea

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