New Skateboarding Products For 2009

Want to know what is up and coming for 2009 in skateboarding? Here is a small preview of some brands new product lines.

We will start with Stereo Skateboards: Stereo will be introducing a new Pro Series featuring world famous artist and culture icon Shepard Fairey of Obey Giant. These boards graphics are awesome. Stereo is also introducing an Artist Series featuring Co-Captain Chris Pastras who offers vintage clip art with his own tongue and cheek humor. The artist series also features work from a long time friend of Stereo Isaac Mckay-Randozzi who has worked with many well known publications.

Among many others Stereo is also offering the Premium Play-one Offs. These decks art work comes from a collaboration between True and Soul Records and Stereo’s own Danny Supa. You will find all these great new products from stereo in the spring at New England Skate.

Stereo’s Team is made up of some great skaters past and present:

Pro: Ammeters: Classic;

Clint Peterson, Benny Fairfax, Carl Shipman

Danny Renaud, Dyson Ramones, Chris Miller

Danny Supa, John Lupfer, Chris Pastras

Olly Todd, Ben Gore, Jason Lee

Matt Rodrigues


Venture has an amazing new line up coming for 2009

Featuring trucks from Brandon Westgate like the Venture White and Black 5.0 Low and High Trucks ore the Raider speckled black/gloss black 5.0 low and high they will also feature pro trucks from stars like:

Jack Curtain

Terry Kennedy

J.B. Gillet

PJ Ladd

Steve Wiliams

Steve Janoski and

Ryan Gallant

They are coming to you in Spring 2009!


Think has a new line up of decks featuring Danny Fuenzalida and the new THING GREEN 7.75X31.625 which is sure to be a hot seller!


Hubba has so many wheels coming this spring I couldn’t even begin to tell you, so look forward to there team putting together a smooth fast ride for your deck. Hubba will feature wheels from:

Bryedon Szafranski

Zered Bessett

Devine Calloway

Russ Milligan

Brandon Westage

Dave Bachinsky and

Jesus Hernandes furbay

There is going to be so many new products coming this spring so look for them all at New England Skate… coming soon.

Source by Kelly A Craig

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