Review on Samsung Galaxy S I9000


The Galaxy S i9000 has the same design as any other smartphone in the market now with a rectangular big touch screen upfront. The 4-inch display is not exactly at the centre but more room is given for the earpiece. The three touch sensitive controls present at the bottom are the menu, home and touch back. When you give a long press on the menu button, the smart search function will be activated. The 5MP camera is present at the upper left corner at the back followed by a speaker grille. Just below them is the Google branding showing that it is a full Android device. It also denotes that all the Google services are pre installed.

The volume control is present on the left spine of the phone while on the right spine is the power/lock key. We liked the lid covering the micro USB port which will prevent dirt from depositing on it. The 3.5mm headphone jack is present atop.


Samsung Galaxy S i9000 features seven home screens where you can populate the widgets and icons of your choice. The swipe is not continuous and hence if you need to go to the last home screen then you need to swipe 6 times rather than swiping once to right. If you are in a particular home screen and keep pressing the back key, you will reach the same home screen but on the other hand, if you press the home button then you will be taken to the default home screen.

Searching cannot be easier with the voice system. All you have to do is switch on the mic and call out the words. You can view all your SIM, phone and Google contacts in one place. The Gmail app works as announced including search, label options an all. You get the combined in box where you can view all your favorite email accounts messages in one place.

Samsung galaxy 2 181×300 Review on Samsung Galaxy S i9000

The default browser is really a wonder on the big capacitive touch screen. It supports multi-touch and also supports double tab for zooming. Samsung will bring the Flash 10.1 experience to the browser but until then you have no other choice than depending upon the YouTube client.


The 5MP camera is capable of shooting HD videos and they are also great to see on the vibrant display. Out door photos are acceptable but are pretty noisy and lack some details considering it as a 5 MP camera. Shooting at low light conditions however cannot be recommended as it does not have a flash support. You can choose the phone with either an 8 GB or 16 GB internal memory. In future the OS might be updated to the Froyo and in that case you can save apps on the memory card which can be expanded up to 32 GB.

The Samsung Galaxy S i9000 comes with some pre installed applications like Aldiko eBook reader, Memo, Daily Briefing, AllShare, Write and Go and of course the Social Hub feature. Voice Dialer, Google Voice search are default in the latest Android phones.


With the 1GHz Hummingbird processor and 512 MB RAM the phone gives out a snappy response. We however couldn’t neglect the fact that there is a 2-3 seconds delay when launching some applications including messages.

Call quality is good with some occasional echo and noise. Speakerphone is not recommendable during calls as the speaker is not loud enough even at full volume but we are happy that there is not distortion. The included head set work well giving out some deep and crisp sound. Using a Bluetooth head set is always recommendable and we would always suggest the Motorola S9 and Logitech Mobile Traveller for maximum results.

Battery life is good with 6 hours of talk time and standby time up to 24 days considering its multi tasking capabilities. Transition to Android 2.2 might increase the battery life even more.

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