Review on Samsung Galaxy S

The Samsung Galaxy S is Samsung’s reply to the HTC Desire. Like the Desire, the Galaxy S runs Android, the coolest operating system for the past few months, and we’re pleased to discover that it’s version 2.1 – the same as the Desire. The Desire is a great phone, and to beat it Samsung needed to produce something special, and guess what? They have.

One important thing that one needs to do when obtaining a new phone for the first time, (this might sound obvious), is to get a feel for it. We held the phone, felt it in the hand, and compared it with other phones, most notably the HTC Desire. The Galaxy S is actually slightly wider than the desire, however it is a few mm thiner, which means for it’s power, is definitely the thinnest phone ever made. Quite a claim. And how about it’s weight? Yes, it’s lighter too!

When you turn on the phone for the first time, you’re going to be impressed by the amazing Super AMOLED screen. It is very impressive. Colours are bright and vivid. Motion clarity is very smooth. It truly is a wonderful screen. Better than the iPhone 4? Not quite, but only because the resolution isn’t as high as the iPhone 4 (which happens to have the best resolution on any phone ever).

However, there is almost 80% less reflected light, so when you’re outdoors, you really notice the clarity and brightness over a normal LCD screen. You really have to admire this feature.

As we mentioned, the Galaxy S i9000 runs Android 2.1, which immediately give you access to loads of apps. Of course, the iPhone also has thousands of apps, but Android devices are catching up, fast. In fact, it is predicted that Android apps will soon overtake iPhone apps.

Android really is a clever operating system, and it’s a beast in terms getting to do what you want it to do. Is it as smooth as the iPhone 4’s OS? That’s a tough one, but it’s close.

As for the actual hardware. Well, it’s what you call – a powerhouse. Check out these stats: 1GHz CPU, Dedicated graphics processor, potential of 32GB of storage, record video in 720p HD. Awesome power. The 5 megapixel camera is also pretty handy.

Of course, most mobile phones nowadays have a host of connectivity, and the Samsunf Galaxy S is no different. Wi-Fi is a must, USB is a must, and a 3.5mm audio port is a must. You’ve guessed it, they’re all there. Indeed, if they weren’t there, Samsung would have got a bit of a roasting for failing to provide such essential pieces of everyday technology.

As for browsing, well, it excellent. The Chrome Lite web browser is super quick, and displays text super sharp. It’s hard to beat.

When Samsung released the Galaxy S, it was arguably the best phone ever (only recently having been surpassed by it’s successor, the S2).

Source by Moumita Das

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