Robin – Batman's Sidekick But Who Is He?

Robin is the fictional superhero character who fights crime with Batman. Robin was first introduced to the comic book world in detective comics issue 38. Robin has had multiple characters play him, however the first carnation of the character was Dick Grayson. Many people at the time believed that the Character Robin was introduced into the Batman comics to gather in a youngger crowd, if this was the intent it worked. Robin brought in a mass increase of comic book readers and eventually became successful enough to have his own comic published.

Dick Grayson became the Character Nightwing, though fearing that he was becoming too old to carry on fighting Dick retired as robin and was replaced by the character Jason Todd. Jason Todd first made an appearance in detective comic's issue 357.

Jason Todd may arguably have had the best story arc as towards the end of his comic book career he is viciously beaten, taunted and historically killed by the Joker. However we were led to believe the Joker killed him but in a twist of fate Jason Todd became the antihero known as the Red Hood. The Red Hood had good intentions to rid the city of its evil doings though he did them in an non heroic way which eventually meant that he would cross paths with Batman and the new Robin.

After the so called death of Jason Todd, Robin was then played by the character Tim Drake. Tim has a long story arc which would last 6 years and eventually made him into being own superhero.

Source by Ricky Davies

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