Samsung S5230 Review – Is the Samsung S5230 an LG Cookie Killer?

When Samsung thought of designing a fitting competition for the LG Cookie, it came up with not only the S5600 as the answer but also another superb phone called the S5230.

The Samsung S5230 has looks that no one can complain about. It looks nice and is priced suitably. In fact it looks so good that it can be difficult to think that it falls into the mid-range bracket. The touchscreen looks chic. The phone gives exciting features like handwriting recognition with TouchWiz and smile shot camera that clicks only if the subject smiles. If you are expecting something totally different from your Samsung S5230, you might be disappointed but if you expect a new, improved version of mobile phones seen today, you will love this phone.


The S5230 looks a little like Samsung Omnia. It is small and compact. It has a rectangular body that is light in hand. The most attractive feature is without doubt the 3″ display. Like other Samsung touchscreen models it has 240 x 300 pixels resolution. The black phone has a silver border, making it look sleek. Again, Omnia look is recalled. The keys are seen beneath the display. The volume rocker and hidden port for charger, headset and data cable are on the left. Camera key and the interesting key to lock/unlock its touchscreen- the HOLD key are on the right. The camera is on the back. The looks and design are not the trendiest possible but definitely pleasing.


The UI used in the Samsung S5230 is TouchWiz, which has been updated a little. It is as good as the old ones, only better – more colorful, peppier and more user-friendly. The widgets to customize the screen are interesting. They combine the fun application with the regular ones like FM radio/MP3 player or the world clock. Widgets found on the left are dragged about for selection or removal. Three scrollable home screens have been featured here that help you place widgets according to choice. All the three can use the same wallpaper too. The other features are very similar to other Samsung phones. Gesture lock is a new feature that is exciting; it lets you unlock home screen as well as an application or the menu at the same time. The photo contact feature is fun, showing 8 contact photos in a single arc. Just scroll to dial.


You can see the handwriting recognition technique being put to use in Samsung S5230. You have three options for texting. You could use the regular keypad, you could write with the stylus and third you could use the near-perfect QWERTY keyboard by turning the phone on its side.


The music player in S5230 is similar to Samsung S5600. You could use the list provided or customize the play list. Just minimize the player to work in the foreground. It is excellent and full points can be given to the music player, it is like carrying an MP3 player around with you.

Overall the Samsung S5230 seems well geared to compete in the mid-range segment.

Source by Susan Hargreaves

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