ThinkFree On The Samsung Galaxy S

If you are looking for a phone that can make you bring your office wherever you are, the Samsung Galaxy S is the phone you have been looking for. The touch screen mobile phone comes with ThinkFree. This application will help you bring your work anywhere you go.

MS Word

MS Word is one of the most widely used word processors. It enables you to view documents like memos, articles, drafts, etc. This is why this mobile touch screen phone allows you to view any document in Word format. In addition, the phone allows you to edit or make new documents as well. You never have to run to the office whenever you have to make or view a new document.

MS Excel

MS excel is a spreadsheet application. It comes with graphing tools, calculation, pivot tales, and VBA. This spreadsheet application is best used for viewing large quantities of information and data. This is why it is widely used in the workplace.

Due to this, the Galaxy has the ability to open existing documents in Excel format. You may also edit or make a new spreadsheet from scratch when needed. You can either sync this document format from your PC or receive it through email.

MS PowerPoint

MS PowerPoint is widely used in the workplace for things such as presentations. This is why you can view these formats from the Samsung Galaxy S. If ever there is a need for it, you may also make new PowerPoint presentations on this touch screen phone.

PDF Files

This file format is broadly used for representing two dimensional documents. They are used to represent anything from contacts, agreements, hard documents, etc. You will need the Adobe Reader to be able to view these file types.

This is exactly what the Samsung Galaxy S comes with. You can open any file in PDF format and view them on this mobile phone. You can download these files over the internet, or you can get these files through PC sync. With this ability, you can view files in PDF format from anywhere.

For your office needs, this phone allows you to view an assortment of documents in the most widely used file formats. With this mobile phone, you get to take your work with you at all times. You can work from anywhere you go. It will be as if you have ever left your office. This is ThinkFree on the Samsung Galaxy S.

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