Use Ebook Covers To Get More Sales

Do you have an eBook that you created but feel that you can do better on the sales side of things? Does your website look like it could sell ice to the Eskimos? Yet it just does not covert?

You may have 2 problems with your site and the first is probably the most important of all which is "traffic" without people seeing your offer then what chance of you got selling them your greatest and best products.

Traffic is also the hardest well actually the most time consuming of all and will take a plan but this article is not about traffic strategies. Just search for traffic on Google and you will find dozens of articles that can help you.

So if you are getting traffic to your websites but still can not sell any of your eBooks you need to consider having an "ebook cover" created for you or you should look at creating one yourself.

There are 2 ways to get eBook covers and they are:

  1. Outsource – You can pay a graphic designer anywhere from $ 5 to $ 200 and more depending on what you need and how good their designs are. If you can afford to get an ecover designed then go ahead with outsourcing it as these designers practice everyday and know how to get the message across about your product through an ecover.
  2. Do It Yourself – If you're a cheapskate like me then you could look to create them yourself, this way you can save the money and use it on other stuff. However you will find that you may produce a rubbish cover or that learning how to create the covers is actually a long process. You will need to search for eBook cover creator or ecover action scripts and this will get you started in your learning path.

So if your site lacks sales then try adding an eBook cover which will make your online eBook look more meaningful as most people like to see what they are buying first.

Source by Jake Eaton

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