Want a Slim Ripped Body to Proudly Show Off on the Beach? Then Forget Doing Cardio Exercise

When I was in high school my friend Jason was the Grand Champion of Abdominals. No one could ever do more than him. With those dense quantities of sweat, one could think Jason's body would be a slim and ripped one. BUT far from that, he was big and obese. Oh! And he was a top runner, too.

So what was wrong with him? Why his body was not showing signs of fat loss?

Jason was doing a very common mistake: thinking that doing abs exercises was the way to go to get his abs showing. He was wrong, because the body does not work in that way.

FIRST, you must eliminate the layers of fat from your body. Only then your abs will be exposed for the girls (and friends) to see. Trying to get rid of pounds and pounds of fat doing cardio is a very difficult task. The reason for this is body adaptation.

Body adaptation

Your body is not a mechanical machine, where if you continue to input something you always get the same output. Your body is a living wonder; it adapts itself to better cope with changing conditions.

If you start doing a lot of abdominals, –or aerobic exercise, for that matters-at the beginning your body start to burn more calories, but later adapts by lowering your metabolic rate, and burning less and less for the same amount of exercise .

Cardio exercisers need more and more of that kind of activity to keep showing results. In the long run, they just get tired and abandon their routines. The body then, kicks back: with low metabolic rate, now is too easy to regain weight and with a vengeance. The cardio yo-yo effect.

Source by Sabel Todd

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