Was There a Batman and Female Robin?

Batman and Robin are still very popular, with a close to one century comic book run, the famous 1960s TV show, animated series, and quite a number of movies, both blockbuster and just extremely good. Fans numbers in the hundreds of thousands, and batman and Robin attire is very popular for Costume parties and Halloween.

Traditionally, women have dressed as Bat Girl and Cat Woman among others, and the range of costumes has been great. Lately however, there has been a lot of interest in Robin outfits for women. Robin was a guy though, right? Well, right and wrong. Read on for the full story.

Dick Grayson, the original Robin and millionaire Bruce Wayne’s ward, was the original Robin. He premiered in 1940 DC Comics and was a regular in the 60s TV show. Eventually he retired though to pursue other superhero interests.

The second Robin was Jason Todd from 1983 to 1988, and he was a fine, although short lived Robin. He was eventually murdered by the treacherous Joker. Tim Drake was the fourth Robin and rather complex. Let’s just say his father eventually made him retire and hang up the cape. His on and off girlfriend Stephanie Brown however discovered the Batman.

She sneaked into the Batcave and convinced batman to train her, and she became the fourth Robin. So, yes, there was a female Robin, and it would be fair to say the she was extremely attractive. Dressing as an extremely attractive Robin is then routed in reality, or at least comic book reality!

Source by Harold Baldwin

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