WFA – Back and Better Than Ever

Could it be that a fresh breath of air is blowing through the Mixed Martial Arts world? Possibly, now that the dead dead WFA has sprung back to life from the ashes of the early part of this decade to challenge both UFC and PRIDE for dominance of MMA. Although the other two organizations have a strong fan base and more advertising revenue, WFA has one thing that they do not: fresh fighters who deliver exciting bouts without all the hype PRIDE and UFC have to stoop to in order to get publicity.

On July 22, fighters, promoters, and fans of UFC and PRIDE need to pay attention to the rumblings and shakings coming from the WFA in the King of the Streets Bout. Pitting the ground-pounding dominance of Quinton "Rampage" Jackson against the Olympic wrestling skills of Matt Lindland will set once and for all which technique is stronger. True MMA fans will be ecstatic to learn that Bas Rutten will defend his Championship title against Kimo Leopoldo in a battle that will determine who is the top fighter in the WFA.

Let's not forget about Vernon "Tiger" White and Jason "Mayhem" Miller when they duke it out against their respected opponents. One fight in particular promises to showcase the talent of the WFA is the bout between Brazilian fighter Peele and Eduardo Aguilar. This match-up between two promising stand up fighters with quick hands will definitely bring down the house, and show UFC and PRIDE how even a short, good match beats an boring blowout match any day of the week.

King of the Streets will blow away the best over-hyped UFC match. Every fighter on the card has something to prove, if not to themselves, their opponents, and their fans, then to everyone that thinks MMA is a passing fad. The WFA remembers something PRIDE and UFC forgot a long time ago: the fans come first. A good fight with a solid card sells it self. Promoters who have to trick fans into attending a bout will quickly find that they must keep upping the ante; ever, the fans will tire of manufactured rivalries engineered to enrich promoters and move on.

Let's all hope that the WFA represents the return to the glory days of Mixed Martial Arts. If you're tired of the hyped bouts that do not deliver, get on King of the Streets on July 22. See for yourself what real MMA is all about.

Source by Todd Going

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